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Hi IKAG,I’m looking for tall guys (193cm+) in the JHB area, needed for an advertising campaign. All ethnic groups wanted, aged between 18-45.Individuals will be paid.Please email for more info.Thanks

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5 Reasons Why Your Digital Advertising Metrics Are Inaccurate

Unlike something like viewability, which is mostly a matter of decision-making, click fraud is a broader problem in the industry, and it’s a hot-button issue. Left unchecked, bot traffic and results can greatly inflate your metrics and give you an incorrect view of your campaign. Some activity will be from real viewers, some will be fake, and you cannot be sure which is which. Plus, it impacts different metrics in different ways. For example, a campaign that’s been subject to click fraud may have an overinflated click rate. But if your end goal is purchases and one-third of that traffic is fraudulent, your sales page conversion rate will appear to be lower than it really should, since bots don’t enter their credit card info and buy. To protect your brand and ad campaigns against fraud, solutions like ClickCease can integrate directly with ad platforms like AdWords and Bing to identify and block invalid clicks. That way, fraud’s taken care of before it hits the advertiser’s website and ad budget. Say you do keep bots out of your campaign and it seems to be going well. Unfortunately, you may still be overestimating the impact any given ad has on your overall marketing, sales and revenue.

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